Hannah’s Puppy

I found this document on my daughter’s computer this morning… Just wanted to share it as it is so fitting. She wrote it when she was thirteen, five years after the car accident. It’s about Shomar. It is unedited 🙂

Hannah’s Puppy

By: Hannah

Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Hannah. Hannah was enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving meal with her family when her parents called her away from her delicious creamy mashed potatoes and gravy that she was beginning to get very excited to eat. Nevertheless, she could not ignore her parents beckon, for they were her parents.

Poor Hannah was in a horrible accident where she had lost her closest sister and grandfather. So Hannah was very lonely growing up, until this Thanksgiving when her parents called her over to talk to her. They began by saying that they knew she had lost her closest sister and best friend; then mom said “And because of that, we want to get you a puppy. We know you are going to be very lonely without Michayla, and we think a puppy will reduce that somewhat.” I was so overjoyed I didn’t know what to say! So they continued. They said it was going to be a Boston Terrior – not too small, but just big enough to be a lap dog .

Hannah was so happy! She thanked them what seemed like a million times and gave them a huge hug, then ran back to enjoy her mashed potatoes which seemed to taste even better than before, all the while thinking, “A puppy of my very own.” They went to pick him up and called him Shomar which means “guardian,” and he lives happily ever after guarding his precious Hannah to this day, October ninth, 2011.



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