A Bit About Me

Where to start…

I love words and spelling gets you into heaven. Family is life. Mustangs are the best horses and Dressage consumes my reading time more than it should. I have too many lives and only one life to live them in. Animals are God Gifted.. the planet is screaming in pain. Grief changes you and I ferociously hold mine close. Wine is healthy, Scotch is Scottish and the Highlands call to me. Something about red paint and a coat of wax. I love plants and surprisingly they seem to love me back. The greatest journey is the inner journey. There is such a thing as kilt-worthy. I love using … when I write… I am a daddy’s girl in life and death. A motorcycle is wasted if there are no hills and corners to glide through. Expect this bit about me to be added to indefinitely.

-Connie Em


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